Recent Survey Reveals Top Family Travel Dream Vacations

If money was no object and you could take your family anywhere in the world, where would you go? Travelocity asked the very same question to their customers in a recent survey and the answers were surprising. Turns out families who travel with children are more likely to have dream vacations planned then those respondents who do not!

“It’s telling that families who travel with children are more likely to have dream trips in mind than those who don’t travel with kids,” said Eileen Ogintz, family travel expert and author of the weekly syndicated column Taking the Kids. “They want to show children the world and know travel is the most wonderful gift you can give a young person. What families may not realize is their travel dreams are far more attainable than they may think.”

So what were the results?

In terms of the type of trip parents would like to take with their children, a tour of a foreign city came in on top with 37 percent of the vote. The second-most popular choice was relax on a beach (22 percent), followed by take a cruise (18 percent), visit a theme park (12 percent) and see exotic wildlife (11 percent).

Family Travel Dream Vacations

  1. Europe (27%)
  2. Hawaii (25 %)
  3. The Mediterranean (9%)
  4. Orlando (9%)
  5. Australia (6%)
  6. Africa (5%)
  7. Costa Rica (3%)
  8. The Galapagos Islands (3%)
  9. Asia (2%)

*the remaining 11 percent of respondents chose “other” as their dream destination.

If you had to pick, where would you go for your dream family vacation?

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  1. Rosey

    September 13, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    Count me in with the majority of respondents…I have to go with Europe.

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