Etsy Finds: Halloween Costumes For Kids & Tots


Luxury Where the Wild Things Are Max Costume ~ Katesy ~ $150.00

Hallowe’en is still a month and a half away, but after mentioning to my boys that it was just around the corner, there is plenty of costume talk happening around our home. They do not exclusively play with costumes at Hallowe’en. There are a variety of Superhero capes and other costumes frequently in use year-round.

Last year they chose they wanted to be their heroes, Batman & Robin, and I was hoping that this year they may choose something outside of the Superhero-box. However, this year they insist on being… Batman & Robin! Unfortunately last years costumes don’t fit this year, so a new batch will have to be made or purchased.

Instead of the costumes that I purchased last year, which I find cheaply made and certainly not built to last, I have decided to check out Etsy and see if I can have something made that will last longer and could be passed around. While visiting I found some great costumes I had to share!

Alice In Wonderland ~ Red 32 Designs ~ $70 USD

Mary Poppins ~ Beneath The Willow ~ $69 USD


Robin Hood ~ FW Creations 4 All ~ $37.99 USD


Piggy Costume ~ A Needle Pulling Thread ~ $39 USD


Childs Poppy Faerie Costume ~ Fairyana ~ $68 USD


Sack of Taters ~ Taters Mom ~ $45 USD