Cake Lingerie’s Sexy Nursing & Maternity Bras Spark Mega Discussion

Amazingly enough, the concept of a ‘sexy’ nursing bra has caused some controversy and sparked some mega discussion after this article came out in the New York Times just last month. The thought of an expectant mother or nursing mother wearing ‘pretty’ lingerie style bras was appealing to some and not so much to others. Some women voiced strong opinions against the idea while others embraced it.

The subject has since been brought up and sparked debates on sites such as JezebelBabble.com and Babycenter.com to name a few.

Cake Lingerie’s Designer and Founder Tracey Montford voiced her own thoughts on the matter saying:

“Using sexual references and innuendos to promote maternity bras just adds pressure to women, who are already facing a period of great upheaval & adjustment. Of course some women find this a “sexy” time, but many may not. We respect that at Cake Lingerie.”

“Cake Lingerie has never intentionally created provocative imagery or marketing content with sexual reference. If pretty, luxurious nursing bras make women feel sexy, empowered, gorgeous and boosts their self-esteem then that’s great. However, it needs to primarily fulfil its function, provide support and enable great shape.”

My own experience with Cake Lingerie’s line has been nothing but spectacular and I’ll be writing a full review on their products in the coming weeks. In the meantime you can read what I thought about their nightwear on giggleGAB’s Baby Style.

Cake Lingerie specialises in the creation of beautiful maternity lingerie that is made up of 7 product types, including a non-wired soft cup, mold cup, fuller figure, flexible wire, convertible, seamless sleep bras and nightwear in fashion and basic styles. In lieu of the recent ‘sexy’ debate, they want moms to test out their products and be the judge.

The question is – can maternity and nursing bras be feminine, functional and versatile all at the same time?

From now until October 11th, Cake Lingerie will be giving out 30 bras – inviting pregnant and nursing women to judge its fit, function, support, attitudes and designs. If you would like to participate and register, visit their entry page.

What are your thoughts on the whole ‘sexy nursing bra’ debate?