Tea Collection Takes Inspiration From Mexico For Kids’ 2011 Fall Fashions

Once in awhile you’ll come across a designer that not only ‘gets’ kids fashions, they get every aspect of it. The sizing is spot on, materials and fabrics that are so comfortable they never have to be ‘broken in’, designs are original and unique to the point where you never tire of them and the apparel gets nothing but rave reviews from every parent who has tried them out on their kids. If you have yet to come across a line like the one I just described, let me introduce you to Tea.

Founded in 2002, this amazing company set out with a vision to bring cultures from around the world together and fuse them into modern design and fashion. Tea was born and inspired from worldwide travels. The founders wanted to take the bits of inspiration and beauty such as the architecture of Barcelona, tradition of Japan, boldness of Brazilian street graffiti and interpret their finds into gorgeous styles of clothing for kids.

After hearing so many fabulous things about the Tea Collection and drooling over the beautiful styles, I was thrilled when the company approached me to review their clothing line. My daughter was sent one of their genius Wardrobe Sets (inspired by Barcelona, Spain) at the beginning of the summer and had a blast mixing and matching the pieces. Now that we are beginning the Autumn, she is still wearing many of the dresses with tights and a light sweater.

If you find their huge array of clothing choices overwhelming or if you just can’t make up your mind as to which outfits you like best, the Wardrobe Sets are your best bet. Available in 10 different variations, these sets put 5 pieces together (a mixture of pants and tops for the boys or dresses, tunics, leggings and bottoms for the girls) in color coordinating sets. Each piece in the set can be mixed and matched with the others.

The clothing is so soft and has a ‘worn in’ feel that ranks extremely high in terms of comfort. The colours have yet to fade on my daughter’s outfits, which have been washed and dried literally hundreds of times since we received them. What can I say, my daughter has her favourites. 🙂

For Autumn 2011, Tea has woven the rich hues and intricate designs of Mexico into their outfits. I’m head over heels in love with their girls’ line (gorgeous!) and the boys aren’t left out either.

Who says Fall and Winter have to be dreary? These colours POP!

The entire Fall Collection can be purchased now directly through the Tea Collection.

*Tea sent us samples to facilitate this review and in the process we became ‘hooked’. I don’t think my daughter’s closet will ever look the same!*