Magnificent Baby Gets Even More Fabulous With Their New Elephants On Parade Collection

I’ve heard and read the many raving reviews from moms who have tried Magnificent Baby’s line but it wasn’t until recently that I actually tested out one of their sleepers and was able to see what all the fuss was about.

My dear friend Elina Furman, founder and editor of AListMom.com recently collaborated with the company to create and design the gorgeous Elephants On Parade Collection. Featuring adorable elephants, solids and patterns, these sleepers are cute and classy offering a modern/chic look.

I can 100% understand why this line was named as the finalist in the NYIGF Winter ’11 Best New Product Awards competition for the Baby & Child division. I tested out the sleeper with my now 1 week old son and love the ease of use when changing him in the middle of the night. Instead of snaps, Magnificent Baby uses magnets that stay put when your child is wearing the item, yet open and close with ease.

Another bonus – my 5 year-old daughter was able to change her brother and close the ‘buttons’ all by herself. To say she was thrilled is an understatement as she finds the regular snaps on the traditional sleepers confusing.

My husband is another huge fan as he can never figure out which snap goes with which, yet with Magnificent Baby, he was able to dress his son with absolutely zero hassle. Just for the record – this was the first time he actually succeeded in dressing one of our babies!

If there was 1 must-have item I would recommend for newborns or infants, Magnificent Baby’s line of sleepers would be at the very top of my list. Baby pjs that basically fasten themselves – brilliant!

Prices range from $29-$39 and all pieces can be purchased directly through Magnificent Baby.

*Thank you to Magnificent Baby for sending me a sleeper for review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own (as always).*