Top 5 Classic Kids Books

Though I am a homeschooling mom, September still means new beginnings for my children’s education. This September will be my very first foray into structured learning for my boys. They are quite young, so most of this “structure” will actually be quite laid back, and often times will involve reading more than anything.

With all of this preparation, I have been pulling out my stash of the Classic Children’s books that I loved as a child, and plan to read to them this year. I have also found myself reminiscing while sorting through some of the stand-by’s that have been so well received in our home.

Below I have rounded up my Top 5 Classic Children’s Books, including everyone from Dr. Seuss, to Lewis Carroll. Most of them are Classic’s for a good reason, they are able to draw in the attention of children from any generation.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go ~ Dr. Seuss


Alice In Wonderland (The Annotated Version) ~ Lewis Carroll

Heidi ~ Johanna Spyri


The Elves & The Shoemaker ~ Brothers Grimm

Peter Pan ~ J.M. Barrie


So now tell us, we would love to know – what are your favourites?

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Heidi Oran

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  1. Mary

    September 5, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    I love Heidi!!! Toasted cheese!

    I also love the poetry books by A.A. Milne “Now we are six” and “When we very young.” Also completely love “The Giver” and “Number the Stars” and “Treasures of the Snow” and “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” I just want to tear up thinking of all these great books.

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