Abeego Lunches On The Go: Eco-Friendly Sandwich Wrappers Ideal For School Lunches

For most moms, back-to-school time means getting back into the habit of packing lunches. I briefly experienced this for a month last spring when my children were in a preschool, and I found it challenging. They are picky, and because of this I struggled to figure out what to send them with, and on top of that, I needed to find the proper equipment.

I am referring to reusable options for their snacks, drinks, and of course their lunch box. There are some really great eco-friendly options currently available such as fabric baggies, which are reusable, and now there is an amazing product that can be used to either replace a baggie, or to replace plastic wrap!

Abeego is made up of a hemp and cotton blend, along with beeswax and plant extracts, which make it completely fluid-resistant. It has a crisp paper like quality, and is designed with style in mind. It is not only functional, but cute as well.

There are three styles available, Abeego Wrap, Abeego Snack and Abeego Square. All three are well priced considering how much life you will get out of them. And what child won’t be thrilled to open the little surprise package in their lunchbox? Visit Abeego to learn more and stock up for back to school!