Bellalulubaby Makes Plush, Stylish & Funky Blankets For Babies

Babies born to my friends and family can guarantee they will be sleeping in style and comfort. The reason for this is because it is my absolute standard to purchase a Bellalulubaby blanket for them. If you have not heard of Bellalulubaby before, the company makes super soft baby blankets that almost always become the basis of a nursery design.

Owner Paula Seguin, mom to three little girls, has an eye for fashion and has transmuted that into her design. Each blanket is made with patches alternating between a funky, sweet or modern pattern to plush minky fabric. The backing is done completely in minky as well.

The styles available range from girly fabrics in damask, dots and floral patterns to gender neutral and then of course there are plenty of options in standard boy colours. There is a little something for everyone.

I have fond memories of my boys, my nephews, and so many others I know using these blankets, they truly are the perfect gift. You can view the complete line of blankets, as well as Bellalulubaby tutus here, and visit their Facebook page here.

Photos copyright Vita Photography


Heidi Oran

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