Baby Cafe: A Super Cool & Unique Dining Concept In Tokyo Japan

This might be one of the most brilliant ideas I have come across yet! We’ve all experienced the dread of having to navigate a stroller (double in my case!) into restaurants and coffee shops. Will it fit through the door? Will it be in the way? It can be super stressful just to get out and grab a coffee with kids in hand.

Problem solved! Baby Cafe is a unique concept located in Tokyo, Japan that that allows kids to be kids while their parents can grab a bite to eat. The space, designed by Nendo, was planned out meticulously, and includes incredible detailing. For the little ones there are animal pictures underneath tables for their eyes only, and a massive couch that actually stores toys and is a perfect safe play zone.

The concept of big and small runs through the entire design. Big plush furniture next to smaller tables, even the floorboards are varied in size. It is set up perfectly so that parents can relax while their children play with the many options available including tons of books.

If you are in Tokyo, or are planning a visit, be sure to check out Baby Cafe. You can find details about their location, menu, and other offerings here.


Images Copyright Jimmy Cohrssen

Heidi Oran

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