Etsy Finds! The Robot Round-Up For Kids

Wooden Disc Robot Mania Matching Game – Love Monkey – $12 USD

The time has arrived that I never believed would come. My 3-year-old has transitioned from his superhero phase to a new obsession – robots. I am not even 100% sure where this stemmed from, but I believe the brief scenes he caught of R2-D2 in Star Wars is where the interest began.

Everyday he is now asking for me to make him robot costumes, turning anything he can find into a robot body part. His life is now all robot, all the time… Like many parents out there, when my child begs me to make a robot costume, I try to accommodate. This led to internet searches for ideas about robot costumes hat turned up some amazing products other than just costumes.

Below are my absolute favourite robot themed products available.

R is for Robot 8×10 Print by Finny & Zook - K Zukowski – $12 USD


Robots & Spaceship Umbrella  РSunshine & Drizzle Р$17 USD


Personalized Ceramic Cup & Bowl w/Robot – Claylicious – $38 USD


Robot T-Shirt – Happy Family – $20 USD


Robot Wooden Blocks – Stackblocks – $16 USD


You can always count on Etsy for the coolest finds for kids! :)

Heidi Oran

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