SnoozeShade: The Universal Pram & Buggy Blackout Blind

The one thing that I have found most difficult when traveling with newborns is blocking the sun effectively. Whether you are toting your infant around in their car seat or pushing them in a stroller, can be tough to block the sun without jeopardizing air flow. Well, that problem has now been solved thanks to Cara, the founder of SnoozeShade.

While out and about with her baby daughter, Cara found that the draped muslins or blankets she used over the stroller hood would always fall off or blow away. After searching high and low, she couldn’t seem to find a product that fit her needs. Mosquito and insect nets let in to much light and sunshades were too bulky to carry around.

Snoozeshade was invented to make the lives of parents easier. This product is lightweight, compact and portable (I love the mesh baggie it comes in, fits in my purse without taking up much room!).

The black fabric blocks up to 94% of light and is made from a double layer of soft breathable fabric which protects your child from the sun with UPF50+.

In regards to installation, the shades pop on and off and can be tied on securely with the velcro straps attached to the fabric. There is also a handy little sneak-a-peak front zip that opens up so you can take a peak at your infant.

Not only has this neat invention been proven in laboratory tests to keep your stroller interior cooler on hotter days, it can also be used as a mosquito, cat or insect net. The universal fit is designed to be used with strollers that have a single sun canopy, so it won’t work with doubles, but you can use on twin, triplet and tandem strollers as long as each passenger has their own canopy.

The shade comes in four sizes, one for prams and strollers, one for infant car seats or infant carriers the SnoozeShade Plus and SnoozeShade Twin.

Price: $29.99-$35.49 from Amazon.com

*Company sent sample for review.*

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