The Incredible Eat Play Grow Table Educates & Intrigues!

I came across an interesting children’s table yesterday called Eat Play Grow. This design intrigued me right from the moment I laid eyes on it and saw greens peeking up. I love any children’s product that is disguised as a toy that can teach important lessons or concepts. In this case, it will educate your child on what it takes to grow food and they will likely even eat what they grow themselves!

UK-Based designer Ruth Vatcher, designed the Eat Play Grow table with these ideas in mind. She used a gorgeous slab of wood that doubles as a chopping board, a container for potting that will not leak, and a storage area for tools & seeds. This table would be perfect for those who live in apartments or areas where a garden may not be a viable option.

So many people today have no real concept of where their food comes from, and hopefully pieces like this can help to bridge that gap for the newest generation. There are plenty of products out there that can help assist in this task, but the Eat Play Grow table is by far the most innovative product I have seen!

You can learn more about Ruth Vatcher and the Eat Play Grow table here on her personal website.

Heidi Oran

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