Amazing Japanese-Style Bamboo Table Sets For Kids

I am sure many parents feel a little anxiety before a family meal outside of the home. I know I certainly do, especially when I know that there will be a lot of people around that don’t know my children all that well. Or, let’s face it… those from a generation or two before that didn’t really have to worry about their kids behaving at the table, they could guarantee it wouldn’t be a problem.

It was ingrained in me as a child not to put my elbows on the table, not to chew with my mouth open – the usual. I also learned at my weekly extended family dinners how to properly set a table. Something I still enjoy doing. Table manners are a standard part of growing, and there are some amazing products available which can help assist in teaching. FunFam, a Japanese-based company, have created one of those helpful and creative products.

Using sustainable bamboo, the company has designed a line of beautiful table settings for children. The Manners Set is my favourite. It has marks in it which “guide the child through the menu contents and serving order of a Western-style full-course meal.” It includes different utensils and plates for the corresponding part of the meal. So clever!

The company also has a traditional Japanese-style set, an adorable Apple Set which is inspired by the shape of an apple, a Baby set for younger children, and many other options as well. These FunFam products incorporate really important lessons into one product by using high-quality products, and hands-on tools to teach proper table manners.

Visit FunFam‘s website to learn more about the history of the company, and ordering one of these great sets!