Stylish Smoke Detectors? Yes There Is Such A Thing!

Back in grade school, I remember learning the importance of smoke detectors and what to do in case of a fire emergency. This was drilled into our generation, and the result has no doubt saved many lives. Smoke detectors are such a simple way to to keep your family safe, and it is important to ensure it is in proper working order with the batteries replaced when needed. Until recently, I have never laid eyes on a smoke detector that actually has character and style!

The Chick-A-Dee smoke detector is a award-winning creative and innovative product designed by Louise van der Veld that has a a 1.5 year battery lifetime and a 3-year warranty. It is completely adorable to look at, with its design replicating that of American Black-capped Chickadee – and is available in pink, white, blue and green.

Along with being adorable, the Chick-A-Dee was designed with complete safety in mind. When smoke is detected, an 85db alarm is sounded, and once a minute a control light flashes. What an amazing product! You can learn more about Chick-A-Dee and where it can be purchased here.

Source: Oh Dee Doh