Pop & Lolli’s Wall Art Displays Bold Designs Full Of Personality & Fun Characters

We have featured many different types of reusable wall art in the past, however, I just stumbled on a company on Etsy that truly captures the essence of whimsy and fun and I had to share! Los Angeles-based designers Pop & Lolli use fun characters and bold designs that are full of personality to perfectly suit the care-free attitude of children.

This line is unique from others of its kind as it allows for mixing and matching. The designs are all in a similar theme, so you can change things up if you feel that the room needs a change. Not only are they unique this way, but they are also PVC-free and are made using fabric!

Another thing I love about these fun designs is that they are so colourful that they allow for completely white walls in the background. I love white walls, but I shy away from them in bedrooms fearing they might create a cold environment. On the other hand I think that they are a perfect pallete allowing furniture and art and such as the Pop & Lolli products to shine through.

Head over to Pop & Lolli‘s Etsy shop to view their complete line of adorable wall art and get inspired to design your child’s room or playroom!


Heidi Oran

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