I am addicted to taking pictures of my kids and when we are on vacation I really go overboard! On our last trip I took no short of 2,000 photos (yes I know, I have a problem ;). Thank goodness for digital photography otherwise we’d go broke with developing costs. The sad thing is, it is virtually impossible for me to display all the shots I’ve taken. Apparently there are other parents who have the same issue as me and one in particular who came up with a brilliant solution to the photo overload.

Andrew Miller, a New York-based artist and new father to twin girls wanted to create a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift for his wife and in the process found a way to use over 1,000 photos that he took of his little bundles of joy. Using his knowledge of contemporary art and professional experience, he created an incredible portrait of his daughters made up entirely of family photos all which had been arranged by color.

The result – a mosaic photo collage so chic that they can now be found in the homes of families throughout New York City.

Each portrait is commissioned and assembled individually before being printed on high end materials and then applied to aluminum or plexiglass, with a gallery-quality finish.

Love it as much as we do? Custom portraits start at 1,000 while additional prints run for $200-$300.

Contact Andrew Miller Arts (call 646-827-2246, visit andrewmillerarts.com or email andrew@andrewmillerarts.com ) for more information.

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  1. Wow!!! I love it. I am going to repost and credit you for finding this incredible work. I have a similar problem and have taken over 7000 photos this year.

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