Smart Playhouses: Ingeniously Designed Children’s Houses From Denmark

Lately we have been featuring a ton of amazing and innovative products coming out of Denmark. From kitchen tools, to an ingenious bicycle, the Danish seem to know no bounds when it comes to design! Recently I came across a line of playhouses called the Smart PlayHouse.

The line was created by Architect David Lamolla Kristiansen in 2009 after the birth of his daughter. The company take pride in their product and aim to the be “reference standard” of children’s playhouses. Smart PlayHouses are made using “the most modern manufacturing technology, the best-quality materials on the market and respecting the environment at all times.”

I really like how the company also touches on the importance of the playhouses and development. There is plenty of information about why it is crucial for children to have their own space to play, learn, and grow. They also bring up the point that older children can use this playhouse as a quiet place where they can have some alone time. Watching my 4-year-old grow, I can see this is becoming increasingly important.

The designs are all completely unique and all have their own theme. There is one inspired by a cottage, one with a futuristic feel, and even one meant to blend into the forest background a bit. They are all so lovely it is hard to pick my favourite, but I would have to go with the Illinois PlayHouse, which to me screams Southern California. Love it!! Would take an adult sized version any day.

Visit Smart PlayHouses to view their full collection of indoor and outdoor playhouses and learn more about the company and their high quality and safety standards.

Source: OhDeeDoh