Barbie’s Eco-Friendly Dream House Wins The American Institute Of Architects’ Contest


There are many aspects of life today that are changing and evolving to take into account the need for sustainable living. This includes everything from eco-friendly toys, to nursery furniture made using sustainably harvested wood. Naturally as the rest of life evolves, Barbie and her dream house are at the forefront of these changes and are keeping up with the current trends.

If you missed the Barbie I Can Be line of Barbie’s, one of the latest career driven dolls to come out is Architect Barbie. As a home for Architect Barbie, The American Institute of Architects held a competition to find the ultimate eco-friendly home for the doll. Harvard grads Ting Li and Maja Paklar were the winners, beating out four others by popular vote.

The sleek and modern version of the dream house features a roof-top garden, 150o square feet of kitchen and entertaining space, solar panels, bamboo flooring, and locally-sourced materials.

Mattel will not actually be producing a replica of the winner, nor did Li and Paklar receive any award. According to The American Institute of Architects, the contest was meant “to engage and inspire young girls to experience the world of architecture and the range of possibilities that design thinking offers.”

Source: Co Design

Heidi Oran

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