Renovating? Here Are Some Fabulous Modern Design Ideas For Boys Rooms

After two and a half years of living in my outdated farmhouse with two little boys and a revolving door with frequent houseguests, it is looking a little worse for wear. Now the time has arrived for me to undertake in a large quantity of minor home renovations. This will not be a quick and easy task, as I have literally every room in my house to redo and would like to get things in order in a short period of time.

The first room to tackle is my sons room. They will be moving from their current room back into their old bedroom, which is probably the most in need of a remodel. I am excited at this prospect, and the possiblities are endless with imaginations that know no bounds such as that of children. I already discussed with my 4 year old his hopes for his new room. The conclusion; he likes virtually everything and will be thrilled with whatever we choose. Good news for mom!

Recently we shared with you a dream room designed by Kuhl Design Build. Any child would love to sleep in this room, in fact I can think of a few adults that wouldn’t mind either. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic design for most of us with limited space, and limited budgets. Below I have provided some design tips and info to help those seeking inspiration for designing their childs room.

Source: La Maison Boheme

Don’t Go Overboard With Your Theme

Pick a theme, but don’t go overboard. I have previously revealed my obsession with globes. I tend to think that my homeschool/art room will be more of this influence then my boys room itself. The key here is not to go crazy with the theme accessories. If you have a flashy rug, go with more muted furniture in solid colours as shown above. Don’t overkill the theme with too much matching.


Source: Match Interiors

Less Is More

The saying “less is more” is ingrained in our brains for a reason; it is the truth! I love the room above which uses very plain colours as a backdrop to allow for pops of colour to give the room its personality. A beige rug and white walls are perfect if you love the simple and clean look, or if you love collecting rare and vintage pieces. You can add/change accessories to achieve the look you want. This look is also great if you don’t know what direction you would like to take, it will help you to learn more about your personal tastes.


Source: House To Home UK

Go Bold Or Go Home

I see this as a fresh take on your classic blue boys room.  The tone of the blue is modern and bright, and looks best paired with crisp white trim and a light coloured carpet. If you keep the ceiling and floors simple, you can do as they have done in this photo, and pick a bold patterned fabric for the curtains. This is also a great way to incorporate a theme and incorporate accent colours so that you know what direction to take for the rest of your room.


Source: The Design Files

Go Retro

There are vintage blogs popping up all over, and I adore them. This is the greatest example of what you can do with retro items, and retro inspired items in a child’s room. Go to thrift stores, hit up yard sales, visit Etsy; the possibilites are endless. Once again, I think it’s important to note the white walls. There is defintely a defined colour palette in this room, and everything works beautifully together. I would venture to say that this designer did a little DIY work, perhaps painting the clock to tie it in. Another great option if you find a piece that you love but it doesn’t work. Transform it with a little paint!



Source: Design Sponge

Have A Little Fun!

Most importantly above all is to remember that this room is for your child, and kids are all about fun and imagination. Don’t be scared to dive in with the bold colours and funky fabrics. Take your time to plan out your design, think things through and you and your little guy will be pleased with the result. Your child’s room should incorporate an area for books and some toys as well depending on the size.


Photo: Source

Heidi Oran

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  1. Eva | Little Cool Toys

    August 3, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Great examples! My son has a very small room and I find it really difficult to decorate and find room for everything. We are considering a bulk bed with room underneath for a desk like in the “Go Bold or Go Home” design.
    I would like to see ideas for storage for clothes etc. that would fit into a tiny room for a 5 year old.

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