The Sweet Seat Reinvents The Booster By Adding Couture Touches

Today I experienced love at first sight when I laid eyes on The Sweet Seat, a funky booster seat for little tots. It is quite challenging when you have a child that has grown out of a booster seat to find something that is comfortable, compact, and let’s not forget, easy on the eyes. The Sweet Seat has this checklist complete!

The Sweet Seat is the brainchild of a Texas based family of five living on a working farm. The family created this product when they were using a typical booster and found issues such cleanliness, and of course, too many straps. They solved the problem by designing their own booster, and to this day each one is still handmade on their farm.

The most important detail for me is that they leave room for you to push the chair in completely, leaving your child’s legs tucked in underneath the table where they should be. And even more importantly, keeping their food on the table instead of on the floor beneath them!

In addition to functionality, The Sweet Seat has a lovely sleek design. The wide variety of fabrics available will allow you to find the perfect one to suit your decor. There are options from sophisticated Black & White Houndstooth, to my personal favourite, the retro-inspired Turquoise & Yellow Floral design. These seats are so pretty that instead of being an eyesore like a typical booster seat, they actually look like an accent piece!

In addition to all of the other great features, The Sweet Seat is super portable and perfect for travel. Gotta love that! Visit The Sweet Seat for ordering details, you can expect to pay $84.00 USD for one of these handmade beauties.

Source: Little Lovely

Heidi Oran

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