Kitchen Kids Creates Safe & Functional Tools For Children

With two growing boys, I spend much of my day standing in the kitchen doling out snacks, drinks, and preparing for the bigger meals of the day.  Without fail when a bowl is pulled out of a cupboard or I begin mixing something at least one of my two boys will run into the kitchen to check things out. The next step is a chair or two being pulled up to the counter. They LOVE to help, and will diligently complete any task presented to them in the kitchen. Great news as it has been proven that children are more likely to eat food when they have helped to prepare it.

This is why I was so thrilled to learn about Kitchen Kids line of children’s tools for preparing food. The tools were created by Josephine Bentzen and Charlotte Skak to promote healthy eating, and will allow your child to join you in preparing meals safely and easily. Each product was created with little hands and safety in mind;  Bentzen and Skak took care of all of the details.

The Kitchen Kids line features a knife, a vegetable peeler, a grater, a chopping board, a mixing bottle for mixing up dressings, and a pair of safety mittens. Bright colours are used to make the products appealing to little eyes and help define what is safe to touch and what is not; if you are in the red zone, be extra careful!

I love many things about the products but the safety gloves are my favourite. They appear to be rather slim fitting, and they have an additional strap that can be tightened to ensure that the mittens don’t fall or slip off. Other great features are the ergonomic design of the grater, which uses a bowl to catch all the veggie goodies, and the peeler, which has a handle that makes simple to use.

Visit designer Josephine Bentzen’s website to learn more about Kitchen Kids, which won 2nd place honors in the prestigious 2011 Bodum Design Awards.

Source: Design Boom


Heidi Oran

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