The Super Cool Boxcycles Aim To Make Biking A Priority

Biking is an activity that is fun for adults and children alike; and it is becoming increasingly popular in North America once again. Organizations are increasingly promoting the use of bicycles over vehicles, which we know are better for the environment, and our health. Have you heard of the Slow Food Movement? There is also a Slow Bike Movement. And cities all over North America are joining in to make it safer for you to bike, with designated lanes in many areas now.

Though biking may be better for the environment, it is not always a realistic option, specifically when you have one or two children to take along with you – and you need some groceries! A US-based company, Boxcycle has the solution; The Christiania Bike.

The Christiania Bike is an award-winning Scandinavian designed bicycle which can be found all over the streets of Copenhagan, Denmark and many other European cities. It was designed thirty years ago by a father, Lars Engstrom, who lived in a car-free area of Copenhagan, but needed a realistic mode of transportation. The bike was a hit, and is still huge today.

The bike features a large box which is 35″ x 34″, and provides plenty of room for two children and groceries or anything else you need to transport. The beauty of this (other than the carrying capacity), is the fact that it’s still designed with comfort in mind. You’ll never have to sacrifice comfort!

Thanks to American Will Kearins, and his Danish wife Kristian, these amazing bikes are available in the US and can be found at retailers across the country. View Boxcycles website for a complete list of retailers and check out their Facebook page to see what others are using their bikes for!

Heidi Oran

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