Jo Melrose Designs Offers Eco-Friendly Nursery Decor

I can still feel the excitement and anticipation that comes with preparing a nursery for the very first time. What colours would be best? What theme best represents the “feel” that you want the room to have.  Every part of the process is a joy! The one thing that  has changed over the years, I have noticed, is that the options for designs has grown so much. And with shops such as Etsy, and the prevalence of online shopping, the sky’s the limit for your babes room, or your older children’s room for that matter.

Sometimes pieces stand out more than other, and sometimes it just take one gorgeous piece for inspiration for the whole theme of a room. I promise you this; you will definitely find that piece somewhere in Jo Melrose Designs collection.

Melrose, who is based in Melbourne, Australia appears to have had a lot of fun with her line of products!  The collection evokes wonderful feelings of nostalgia, while staying completely away from the kitsch-y category, but completely into the modern side of things. There are wall hangings, cuckoo clocks, owl clocks, brooches, and prints available, and all are unique and could come straight out of a chic vintage shoppe. I can hardly even pick my favourite product, though I am leaning towards the wall hangings.

Everything is eco-friendly and made using sustainable materials; another thumb up! Visit Jo Melrose to discover the complete vintage inspired collection.

Source: Inhabitots