Take A Peek Into Rachel Zoe’s Son’s Closet! Also – Guess Who’s Designing A Kids’ Fashion Line?

Oh my goodness – I die!

Last night ABC hosted a special on “Celebrity Mommywood” and we heard from mamas such as Tori Spelling, Denise Richards and the oh so chic Rachel Zoe about how they manage to balance their careers with motherhood.

Rachel Zoe, the ‘ultimate tastemaker’ gave us a peek into her son’s closet complete with lots of Ralph Lauren, custom Missoni sweaters, a gorgeous Gucci leather bomber jacket, Casadei custom shoes and more! The new mom has taken to motherhood like a duck to water and as you can imagine her son is dressed to the NINES! Not only does she have clothing for Skylar in every size up to 2T,  the ages are even sectioned off.

But, that’s not all! Zoe let some exciting news slip. Along with her own luxury clothing and bag line and an exclusive collection for QVC, the stylist is in the middle of designing.. .. wait for it…. a children’s fashion line!

Moms of boys will love that she plans on including a bunch of styles just for the little men, because as we all know that is one area where kids’ fashion is sorely lacking. Now that is major! ;)

No further information was revealed although we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more!

Source & Video:ABC News

A mom to two girls and a baby boy, a writer and the publisher of Child Mode. As a lover of style and fashion, Nadia found her ‘niche’ and love of children’s clothing while searching for quality items for her family.


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  1. marylfinch

    July 29, 2011 at 3:46 am

    After giving birth just four months ago she was inspired by the lack of style for little men and so decided to do something about it. http://bit.ly/nuZOFU

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