Earth Grown Crayons: Kids Coloring Supplies Made From Natural Soybeans

I like to think of myself a conscious parent in a few different ways. One of the most important to me is to be aware of what sort of toxins my children are exposed to, and toys and crafting materials are the main items they are exposed to frequently. Often times these items are not only used or played with, they go straight into the mouth and with the frequent recalls, I like to be sure what my kids are playing with it is safe. One measure I take to ensure this is to buy locally, homemade, and from reputable companies.

Often times Etsy is the place to go when looking for an alternative to main-stream products, and one product that fits the requirements of kind to the earth, and kind to my children is the All-Natural Soy Crayons made by Earth Grown Crayons.

Earth Grown Crayons is located in Minnesota and run by a mom-of-three who spent much of her childhood on her Grandfather’s soy bean farm. This has given her the foundation to use soy that is completely eco-friendly and biodegradable to make adorable and fun crayons for kids.

All of the crayons are made using natural soybeans grown in the US, and utilize non-toxic pigments to make the bright and bold colours of her line. There are many shapes available including stars, fish, and even Japanese Snow Monkeys! Above is the super adorable Farmer’s Market Kit, (only $10 USD!) which features crayons in the shape of veggies which you would find at your local farm stand.

For the complete line of Earth Grown Crayon’s including the Farmer’s Market Kit, and the rest of their fab line, of  visit their Etsy shop here.