iPhone 4 “Creatures” Cases Designed For Kids & Young At Heart

Does your tween have an iPhone or do you let your kids play with yours? If so you may like the look of Case-Mate’s New ‘Creatures’ Collection. Inspired by children’s make believe, the “monsters under the bed” and fun fantasy creatures, Case-Mate’s new line consists of 6 quirky friends that offer protection in a fun and humorous way.

Although I’m more into the stylish luxury style cases like these quilted ones, my husband is drooling over these Creature Cases. But, then again, my husband is a total kid at heart so I’m really not that surprised :-).

The Animals

  • Waddler the penguin is adorable with his smooth white underbelly and black tails. He even has webbed feet attached with a keychain!
  • Gil is covered in textured stripes making for an easy-to-hold grip. She even has an innovative lay flat design that protects the screen.
  • Hoot reminds me of the social media organizer”Hoot Suite”  He’s light as a feather and covers your phone with a genius fit. The textured case contrasts his smooth feathers for an easy-to-hold grip.

The Monsters

  • Tut the mummy wraps your iPhone in bandaged layers (and hides the scars from an unfortunate skateboarding accident).
  • Monsta is a goofy, spooky character covered in elevated molded dots that add a textured grip.
  • Frank’s bumpy bright green texture makes for an easy-to-hold grip, while his unruly black hair provides a smooth touch.

The Creatures iPhone 4 cases are available directly through Case-Mate and retail for $24.99.