Magic World Russia: Plans For Russia’s First Destination Resort Theme Park Are Released!

St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia


Move over Disney!

Plans to build the most “unique and compelling entertainment destination resorts in the world”, have been released and from the sounds of it Magic World Russia is going to be incredible! Designed as both a destination resort for families and visitors who wish to stay for several days, as well as day visitors alike, Magic World Russia is designed to attract 10-12 million visitors a year.

Conveniently located just 50 kilometres from Moscow on over 600 acres of land, this fantasy world will be filled with spectacular sites, rides, resorts and experiences, while generating thousands of jobs in Russia and hundreds in Southern California. Building the project is projected to cost over $2.5 billion!

World renowned for their contributions to the design, construction and operation of leading entertainment destination resorts and theme parks, Gary Goddard Entertainment Design (a division of Goddard Group), ProFun Management Group, and (it) Brand Studios are just a few among the California companies participating in a consortium organized by MIG 2000 for Magic World Russia. Gary Goddard, CEO and Chairman of the Goddard Group, will be overseeing the entire design of the Magic World Russia project. Goddard includes Universal Studios, Six Flags Corporation, Warner Bros. and Paramount Parks as just a few of his clients.

Among the parks and attractions planned for Magic World Russia, 80% of which will be covered in order to offer a year round experience, are:

  • Major Hollywood Studio Branded Park – Guests can participate in the action, by “entering” their favorite films through a diverse collection of extraordinary ride experiences. MIG 2000 is currently in thorough discussions with a number of major Hollywood studios, with Paramount and Universal priority choices of MIG 2000 due to the popularity of their film and television properties in Russia as well as their experience with theme park development and operation.
  • Magic Family Park – dedicated to families with young children.
  • Nanopolis Children’s Park – will offer children a real “edutainment” experience that will combine the fun of participating in grown up “jobs” with the fun of learning what it’s like to be a real fireman or doctor or chef.
  • Separate Waterparks for families and adults with enclosed beach resorts.
  • Park Russia – will draw on the rich Russian culture and folklore as well as Russian accomplishments in the areas of space and Arctic exploration, film and cinematography, and science and aviation to develop rides, attractions and live events to entertain guests of all ages.
  • Thrill Ride Park – will feature pure adrenaline driven coasters and rides that defy gravity and offer unbelievable thrills.
  • Extreme Sports Park – will combine extreme sports attractions such as skate park, rock wall climbing, indoor sky diving, and other extreme sports under one roof.
  • Winter Garden Magic Fountain Park – will feature a spectacular symphony of fountains which will defy imagination, exceeding anything that currently exists and serve as a stage for nightly entertainment and amazing parades.
  • St. Petersburg City Street – a retail shopping and dining experience that will recreate a classic St. Petersburg with its magnificent architecture and provide opportunities for local as well as global brands.
  • Amphitheater/Concert/Performance Hall – designed to be a 15,000 seat live performance theater.

Also, for the very first time in the theme park industry, Magic World Russia will devote one of its parks to special needs children called World Without Boundaries. Drawing on the leading special needs children medical and therapeutic experts in the world, the rides and attractions will be designed specifically to entertain a diverse number of physical and mental handicaps offering special needs children no matter their handicap, a memorable and fun experience.

Unfortunately no renderings or photos of the theme park have been released, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information is released! So tell us, are you excited about this new theme park? What do you think of the suggested plans so far?

Photo Credit: uccrow