5 Adorable Ways To Celebrate The Loss Of Your Child’s First Tooth

I am not yet at the stage where my children are losing their teeth, but if my memory serves me correct it is a magical and important event for every child. Much like the story of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy adds another fun and whimsical element to childhood that as adult, evokes feelings of nostalgia from the good old days of my youth.

The excitement and anticipation that comes along with that first loose tooth cannot be erased from memory with time. And isn’t that one of the best parts of being a parent, the fact that we are able to relive our childhood through our own children’s eyes.

As with much of modern life, losing a tooth is not necessarily the simple and straightforward event that it used to be. In my home took the traditional route of putting the tooth underneath our pillows, in exchange we would wake up to a shiny coin or two. Today there are many options for parents that wish to make the experience memorable, and below we have rounded up our favourites.

The Ultimate Tooth Fairy has many options for preserving the memory of your child’s first lost tooth, but our favourite by far is this personalized locket made of stainless steel. Each locket is customizable to include the date that the tooth fell out, and their name. In the center is a pearl which symbolizes the tooth. Such a perfect idea!

This printable kit from Grace Printables is a very reasonably priced option for parents who want to personalize their children’s first tooth fairy experience. The kit includes a variety of 12 different PDF letters, (all covering the varying circumstances of said tooth,) and cute envelope seals that show an image of the Tooth Fairy. Very official!

I have fallen in love with this Retro Cowboy Toothfairy pillow from The Paisley Moon. It is not only super soft as it is made of chenille, but it features an adorable pocket perfect for a tooth. This pillow will definitely make your child feel special on their big day.


Another cute idea! The Office Of The Tooth Fairy has created an “official” document, which your child can fill out and leave for the Tooth Fairy. It is an adorable way to make your little one feel important by taking part in a business transaction. The gorgeous letter pressed document also comes with a  reusable silk-screened cloth deposit bag and a certificate with all important information for the future.

A tiny basket is only appropriate for a tiny Tooth Fairy right? The subtlety of this clever little basket made me quickly fall in love with the concept. It certainly takes a minimalist approach, but perhaps it will do the job just fine. Each little woven basket includes a note to the Tooth Fairy attached on a piece of organic fabric. It will be shipped off to you in Paloma’s Nest Signature Gift Packing. Adorable!

Tell us! What was your tradition with the Tooth Fairy? Has it changed in your own home?