The Sleek & Modern Calidu Rocking Horse Powers Its Own Lighting System!

I absolutely love the modern and sleek look of the products that are rolled out by European companies and designers. Living quarters are sometimes smaller in European countries, so the need for innovative designs that produce compact products is in high demand. I must say however, that this creative children’s toy is one of my favourites!

The Calidu Rocking Horse is the brain child of German born Industrial Designer Günther Schunn. Schunn has created this toy with only the best materials and has cleverly designed it in such a way that allows for the the rocking back and forth to kick on power to its own lighting system!

The Rocking Horse is made up of metal, oak wood, and a cool little leather fringe tail, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. There are images below which show the horse in its various stages of creation. I found it neat to see the transformation from start to finish!

In regards to purchasing, it is actually proving to be a little tricky to get your hands on one of these heirloom quality rockers. They don’t appear to be sold in any retails stores, but you can contact Günther Schunn yourself here for a quote and details of ordering.