Introducing Plum Gear Or The “Netflix For Baby Clothes”!

There are plenty of services out there to make parents lives easier. Cloth diaper services, grocery services, meal delivery services, the list goes on and on. Now there is a new service in town that is not only a solid idea, but it also makes complete sense.

Plum Gear was started by Caroline O’Conner, a mom who needed saw the need for a service that she herself would have loved to use. The service that can best be explained by comparing it to a service like Netflix!

No, you will not be renting videos, instead you’ll be renting top brand baby clothes! Simply sign up for a monthly plan (starting at $16 USD per month) and have bundles of clothing in the size you require from the brands you love (think Tea, Kate Quinn Organics, Petit Bateau, Kicky Pants) delivered straight to your door. You don’t even have to wash them as Plum washes everything in 7th Generation organic laundry soap before delivery.

The service couldn’t be any simpler, they cover everything – even stains. If a clothing item is destroyed, you send it back in and it is either donated or reused by a crafty mama.

There is only one catch. The demand has been so high for this service that they are now completely sold out! Visit Plum Gear to contact them for more details and be sure to check them out on Facebook.