A For Apple Teams Up With Opening Ceremony For Back-to-School Fashions

Opening Ceremony, whose retail brand is well known for their celebrity relationships with the likes of Spike Jonze and Chloë Sevigny, have teamed up with Hong-Kong based brand A For Apple to launch their very own childrenswear collection.

A is For Apple is run by Denise Ho, a celebrity stylist and Creative Director, along with Jeffrey Chau, who acts as Business Director. The two have created a line for children up to age five, featuring hipster clothing that you would likely wear if it was in a grown up size!

The fabrics used are eco-friendly and look super comfortable for your little one to play in all day long or to add to a back-to-school wardrobe. I am obsessed with these coats, that are perfect for the fall. They are a perfect length to go over a tunic or dress, but are not long enough that they will get in the way of play.

To view the complete adorable Opening Ceremony for A for Apple line, visit their website, of Facebook page. The prices are reasonable in the $55-$120USD range. Would make a great gift as well!