Plan A Trip To Wonderland, Oz & Whoville With The Official Fantasy Map

My girls and I have been on a Fantasy reading binge over the last several months and at the end of the story, my eldest always asks “Can we go there mama?”. As far as I am aware Narnia, Wonderland and Never Neverland were never officially mapped – until now!

Dan Math has come up with what he has dubbed as “the very first accurate map of the entire fantasy world.” The Fantasy map is #12 in a series of Pop-Culture Charts by Meth. The New York cartoonist noted:

“Finally! I’ve charted the very first accurate map of the entire fantasy world. Nerds will rejoice! … Or become enraged!” Check it out for yourself at www.danmeth.com.

Although our visits to Emerald City and Whoville will remain through the pages of paperbacks and books, the dreams will take on a whole new level of fun thanks to this map.

The girls have already begun planning our next vacation: Start through Oz and make our way to the Western side of Narnia before visiting Never Neverland. 😉

(via Neatorama)