Waldorf Inspired Toy Round-Up! Dollhouses & Treehouses

Photo via Blueberry Forest Toys

This week we are featuring a round-up of Waldorf-inspired toys, which are focused on imaginative and creative play. Our first installment described a bit of history about Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, as well as information about what makes Waldorf toys unique. Yesterday we featured block sets which included coloured blocks, tree blocks, and more.

Today I am excited to share the Waldorf-inspired tree houses and doll houses that I discovered on my toy-search. The designers for all of the toys utilized plain wood to carve out gorgeous dollhouses, and some of the neatest treehouses I have ever seen using chunks of tree branches. So creative!

Below you will find a little something for every child, which will provide plenty of room to grow and truly enjoy the fun that comes along with using your imagination! I am absolutely smitten with the shapes used in creating the dollhouses, with their rounded edges, which are not only representative of Waldorf, but also representative of modern style. A toy that is not only perfect for you child, but that fits in with your decor without sticking out like a sore thumb. Perfect!

Large Wooden Waldorf Dollhouse – Bella Luna Toys -$295.95 USD


Wooden Dollhouse by Willow Toys – Three Sisters Toys – $180 USD


Small Wooden Dollhouse – Finns & Flowers – $85 USD


Wooden Tree House – Bella Luna Toys – $149.95


Tree Cottage – Bella Luna Toys – $57.95-$157.90