Waldorf Round-Up: Building Blocks That Encourage Free Play

DIY Waldorf-Inspired Blocks – Glue Sky

Yesterday we introduced the concepts and history behind the education system that is known as Waldorf. We mentioned that there are plenty of Waldorf-inspired toys available out there, which are meant to encourage free play and let your child’s imagination run free.

The toys range from building blocks, to stacking toys, to incredible doll houses/tree houses, and what I believe is the most popular Waldorf-inspired toy, expressionless Waldorf dolls.

We have sifted through the many options for building blocks on the market, and have come up with a great list which includes handmade options through Etsy, as well as some made by larger companies, most based in the United States or Canada. We even included a DIY link at the top which provides some inspiration if you would like to take this idea and run with it at home.

Looking at these Waldorf building block options below, including barkless, and coloured, you can see that your child will be dealt a blank canvas with only general guidelines, and will be able to express themselves however they choose. Hours upon hours of building fun that will keep my boys busy? Count me in!

Modular Building Walls Deluxe Set – Manzanita Kids – $110 USD


Tree Branch Blocks – Three Sisters Toys – $28.95 USD


Fences – Natural Pod – $39.95 USD


Barkless Tree Blocks – Bella Luna Toys – $48.95 USD


Coloured Waldorf Blocks – Maplerose – $39.00 CAD