Terry Rich Australia’s Take On Stripes & Sand

In times such as these, it is so difficult to find a product that is cute, and that can last more than one season without being completely worn or destroyed. On a recent trip in a bit of a last minute situation, I paid an absurd amount for beach towels that were extremely thin, and quite honestly, not a beach towel at all in size!

After coming across the products made by Terry Rich Australia, my faith has been restored. Their products are not only completely stylish and adorable, but they are also very high quality, making them easily absorb on both sides. My absolute favourite product by Terry Rich Australia, however is not the towels, it is the children’s line of beach cover ups.

There are a variety of options available including beach and swim robes, pool jackets, beach cover-ups, and hooded towels, and ponchos. I am absolutely smitten with the big chunky stripes and the combination of bright and fun colours. The best part about the whole line to me is that they actually do a great job of protecting your child from the sun as well drying them off.

Terry Rich Australia has been around since their first towels debuted in 2003, and their products are something that you going back for more.   Their motto, in true laid-back Aussie fashion is “You never regret a swim,” and you certainly won’t regret trying out one of the adorable beach cover-ups. Visit Terry Rich Australia for more details on their children’s line.