Top 5 Things To Do In Windsor Ontario & Essex County

Just a few small steps across the border from Detroit, Michigan lies the city of Windsor, Ontario. Windsor may be known for their Casino and Bingo-halls, but a huge portion of the population is young families, and for these families, there is plenty to see and do. Many in Ontario travel through Windsor to get to Florida/Tennessee/South Carolina, and other warm spring destinations.

I grew up downtown in the “big city” as I call it now that I live in a rather small city, and I am happy to report that the locations of some of my best childhood memories are all still available to see.

Below I have rounded up the must see’s in Windsor and Essex County.

1. Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens

Colasanti’s is the place to go if you are in the Windsor area. It is located in Kingsville, Ontario, just a nice country drive away, and is a great place to spend the day with your children. There is a plethora of things to do including a petting zoo, animal rides, bumper cars (in the summer months,) and much more. Don’t miss their homemade donuts either. It’s a right of passage. (Photo Source)


2. Fort Malden National Historic Site

As a child, I absolutely loved Fort Malden. Located in Amherstburg, Ontario, on the Detroit River, this site dates back to 1840. Fort Malden is a true historic site, where children can learn much about our history in Canada.


3. Visit Point Pelee National Park!

Located about 45 minutes southeast of Windsor, Point Pelee is located at the southern most tip in ALL of Canada. It’s gorgeous and should definitely be experienced. If you are feeling wild, take a ferry over to Pelee Island, so peaceful and the kids would love the beaches and it is certainly Essex County’s gem, (you might run in to Margaret Atwood while you are there!) (Photo Source)


4. Riverfront Park (Dieppe Gardens)

You can’t experience Windsor and miss the riverfront! You will get a great view of the Detroit skyline and can view the beautiful Dieppe Gardens. If you are there in the summer you will likely see a few brides being photographed. 🙂


5. Rotary Children’s Safety Village

The Children’s Safety Village is small sized version of Windsor’s streets, which was created to help teach children about emergency services, and help reduce preventable injuries by educating them. Call first to make sure they are open!

Photo Source