The Plaza In New York Re-Launches ‘The Tricycle Garage’ For Kids

The Plaza is becoming more and more child-friendly thanks to the arrival of ‘Eloise’ and new amenities such as the new ‘The Tricycle Garage’. On July 1st, The Plaza re-launched a 1956 original – the Tricycle Garage. Hotel guests and local New Yorkers can now rent Radio Flyer bicycles, tricycles and scooters to ride around Central Park or explore the city.

The garage isn’t a new idea, it actually came into affect back in 1956, where the hotel housed children’s bikes and trikes in a whimsical, candy-store inspired setting. Back then, you were able to rent bike racks and numbered license plates for $.15 a day! Rental fees have gone up quite a bit since then ;). Prices will range from twenty dollars for an hour and up to forty dollars for a full day.

I’m sure this kid-friendly garage will be a big hit for The Plaza. In regards to bike brands, they really couldn’t have picked a better one than Radio Flyer! 😉

More luxury hotels should start integrating cool ideas like this!