Fourth Of July Family Travel Tips: Keep Things Fun & Easy For The Kids

The three-day long weekend is about to kick off the busy summer travel season and family vacations are about to begin! According to the AAA, over 39 million Americans are expected to hit the road (or skies) to travel an average of 573 miles by car, plane, train or boats for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

If you are one of those families, I’m sure you have already begun packing and getting prepared for the big haul. One of the biggest challenges for family road trips is making them fun for youngsters and less stressful for you.

Kim Orlando, founder of TravelingMom.com, the online resource and magazine for moms who travel commented on the busy travel season and provided a few tips saying:

“When taking your young children to that special place for an experience you’ve always wanted to share with them or somewhere they’ve been bugging you to go, a few minutes of thought and preparation can keep your dream vacation from turning into a meltdown.”

To help ease stress for on-the-go parents and kids alike this weekend:

  • Be a parent first and a traveler second. A hug, smile and TLC go a long way.
  • Plan your journey. Map out your routes ahead of time and take them with you.
  • Take favorite toys. Expand playtime and make rest stops frequent and fun.
  • Eat healthy. Pack nutritious snacks and an extra bottle of water. Avoid sugary snacks & drinks.
  • Take the essentials. You’ll need lots of tissues, wet wipes and a bag for trash.
  • Take familiar objects. Pack a pillow, doll, blankie, stuffed animal and/or a special photo.

One of our favourite pieces of travel gear – the Trunki – is ideal for kids because it doubles up as a ride-on and pull-along toy. Designed for kids ages 3 to 6, this adorable carry-on suitcase makes travel fun for kids whether it be a trip to Grandma’s or journey around the world. We never leave home without ours!

With the pull-along strap, carry handles, secure catches and integrated wheels, the Trunki is super easy to tote around. The case also works as a kid-friendly storage bin at the destination, and back home after vacation.

So now, tell us what are your road trip tips and must-haves?