Do Babies Prefer Picasso Or Monet? Results From The Baby Art Study

Claude Monet – Waterlilies

I fancy myself an art history buff. I spent much of my youth reading hand-me-down university texts on the subject, and to this day feel most at home smack dab in the middle of a museum.

Seems at though I have quite a bit in common with these babies/art aficionados. A new study released in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts has revealed that babies tend to learn more towards the bright and abstract work of Pablo Picasso versus the more subtle work of Claude Monet.

The study consisted of 24 babies from 269 to 332 days old. The babies were given a series of five experiments in which half of the group were showed images of Monet paintings, and the other half images of Picasso paintings. The babies were then showed side by side paintings, one by each artist.

The results; the babies that were exposed to the Monet’s were fascinated by the Picasso’s. The babies that were exposed to the Picasso’s continued to stare away at Picasso’s. One explanation given by the researchers in the experiment;

Variances in luminance constitute the most basic and essential visual information about a visual scene,” the researchers write. “It is possible that infants preferred paintings by Picasso because they were easier to process, and afforded the most stimulation to their still-developing visual system.”

I think we all knew that babies prefered bold and bright colours to dull and pale ones, this test can be done at home by holding two objects, one bright and fun looking in one hand, and another dull and less appealing in the opposite hand. This study seals the deal even further providing us with some concrete evidence.

Monet Photo Source