Cheeky Baby Bodysuits From Boo Rad Lee

I’m a sucker for a onesie with a snappy saying, and these cuties from Boo Rad Lee definitely deliver!

Imagine those late nights with baby, waking up for a 3 am diaper change and having a little chuckle when you spy one of these outfits on their tiny, pudgy body. I’ll bet you’ll forget all about the bags under your eyes and the spitup on your shoulder.

Available in sizes from 0-3 months right up to 12-18 months. I only wish some of them came in a size big enough for my 2-year-old — she’s all about the late night surprise wake ups!

Boo Rad Lee has also taken a turn from the traditional blue/pink designs we’re used to seeing for tiny tots. While some feature these colour schemes, many of their onesies come in less expected hues. A big bonus for parents who are tired of the boring baby colour dichotomy!

I’d recommend picking a few of these up for future baby showers… mom and dad will LOVE them. (But expect sassy thank you card in return!)

Available for 40% off via Zulily right now! Sale ends July 2nd.