The Deluxe Art Center Is Ideal For Your Creative Little One

Deluxe and luxurious desks are gorgeous, but in my opinion nothing beats the stylish art centers designed in the past. As a mother who homeschools, I seem to be drawn to old-fashioned school desks. I have contemplated many times when presented with an opportunity to purchase one, would a desk like this really accomplish all that I hope it will? Is there enough room? Will it be comfortable?

On the other side, I am always on the lookout for great modern and new table and chair sets, and I think today I may have found the ultimate! The Deluxe Art Center from Guidecraft is a gorgeous piece of furniture and boasts a ton of great features that I love.

First off, there are TWO stools, so you can have two little ones at the same table. The size is rather large at 47″ x 30″, and included with the set is a paper roll holder, canvas storage bins, and a top storage cubbie.

Favorite feature? The paper roll holder which allows you to have a huge sheet of paper work with. Genius!

Visit Bluesky Rocket for details. You can expect to see pricing around $400 for this Deluxe center.