Family Pastimes Brings Cooperation Into Your Home

Competition is a reality of life. We compete for jobs, we compete to win sports games, and I noticed with my children a very hint of natural competition at a very young age. It is a natural part of life, I understand that, however, I am always aware of how it is affecting my kids and try to be on top of it.

I have always had an affection for Cooperative board games made by Family Pastimes. If you have never heard of a cooperative game, it is just that… a game that encourages teamwork rather than a head-to-head competition with a single winner.

Family Pastimes has been around for ages, since 1972 to be exact. The Deacove family, located in Ontario, Canada began making these board games at for their own family, then branched out.

There are tons of options available, and they are available in many countries as well. Visit Family Pastimes for details on all of the various games, and many can be purchased in the US here.