Make (A Tiny Bit Of) Room For The Tori Collapsible Rocking Horse!

Anytime I come across a fun new toy for my daughter, the FIRST thought to cross my mind is, “But where would I put it?” Most of us, with tiny children and the things they come with, are a bit strapped for space. My 1 1/2 story wartime home is especially “cozy”, so when I spotted this neat collapsible rocking horse I found myself getting really excited!

This innovative design folds down simply to keep your home clutter-free and zen-like — and couldn’t we all use a little more of that? The Tori rocking horse, was created by Plan Toys, the first ever company to use wood from rubber trees which are no longer productive. Usually, these trees would simply be cut down and burned. No deforestation is involved as the removed trees are then replaced with new ones. Brilliant!

The play possibilities that come along with the Tori are endless — wee babes will strengthen their legs, gaining dexterity and balance, while older kids may involve their new friends in imaginative role play. This well made piece will be well-loved in any home, and is the perfect addition to any nursery. This fun item is sure to be loved for years in your family.

Buy it now, at Baby Naturopathics.