Safer Cribs Are In The Horizon Thanks To CPSC’s Improved Crib Safety Standards

Thanks to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, we can look forward to a new generation of safer cribs. On June 28, 2011, new and improved crib safety standards will be put into affect for anyone that manufactures or sells baby cribs.

There will be an extension of December 28, 2012 for short-term crib rental companies to comply and update their inventory. The same deadline will be put into affect for the public accommodation facilities that these companies serve – family child care homes and infant Head Start centers, as well as places of public accommodation, such as hotels and motels.

The update is sorely needed as federal mandatory crib standards have not been updated in nearly 30 years! These mandatory standards will make way for a new generation of safe cribs by 1) stopping the manufacture and sale of dangerous, traditional drop-side cribs; 2) make mattress supports stronger; 3) improve slat strength; 4) make crib hardware more durable; and 5) make safety testing more rigorous..

The new safety standards aim to keep children safer in their cribs and prevent deaths resulting from detaching crib drop-sides and faulty or defective hardware. For more information on crib safety and safe sleep environments for baby, visit CPSC’s crib information center at: www.cpsc.gov/cribs.