Five Fun Toy Phones For Moms Who Hate Plastic

It’s a fact of parenthood: Your baby is going to want your cell phone! How many times have they grabbed your gadgets right out of your hand? Drooled on them? Thrown them? Deleted your contacts, or called China for a chat? Perhaps, if we’re clever enough, we can pop one of these fun faux phones into their hands and they’ll be none the wiser… and don’t worry, there’s no plastic here! These phones are baby-mouth friendly!

How sweet is this handmade cell toy from Wood Mouse? Such a cute design, these little phones are available in an array of colours, and feature rustic woodburnt details. A great pick for eco-minded mamas.

These two wooden phones, from Children’s Learning & Development Toys, and The Original Toy Company, are both great alternatives to the plastic phones available on today’s market.

For the youngest cell phone aficionados, I’ve found two fun plush versions! The Taggies Ring Ring Telephone and My First Mobile Phone are such to be a hit with the teething crowd. These two choices also feature great little fasteners to keep toys close at hand — especially helpful for those long, backseat, car trips!

Is your tot a phone fan? Would you buy a toy cell?