trioBike mono: The Gorgeous European Bike Stroller For Up To 2 Kids

Look at this gorgeous bike! It is sleek, modern, and meets a long long list of safety regulations on top of the visually pleasing aspect, I think I am in love.

Danish made trioBike have released a one-piece version of the original version of their popular bike, where instead of taking the bike apart, and having the stroller option/bike option, the unit stays in one piece. A great option, since there is space in the carrier for 2 children ages 0-9.

trioBike has really though of everything with this bike, from safety, to easy repairs (they use parts that can easily be found worldwide). It also boasts the title of “lightest tricycle on the market” weighing only 31.5kg.

On top of all the greatness, the bikes are also on sale right now, a nice treat as they run at over £1800 at the base model. Visit trioBike’s website to save 10% off of your order from now until June 28th.