Jennifer Garner & Frigidaire Offer A Lesson In Eating Fresh For The Summer

On Thursday (June 9), Jennifer Garner joined parents and their children for a lesson in eating fresh, by providing them with a fun farm cooking experience. Jennifer along with Adam Kaye, chef and kitchen director at Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant kicked off the Frigidaire Kids’ Cooking Academy Summer Session, giving families the chance to learn about the seasonality of food and gain first-hand experience preparing just-picked ingredients.

“I’m a huge fan and avid supporter of my local Farmer’s Market,” said Garner. “Showing kids how foods go from farm to table is an important first step in creating healthy eating habits. The Frigidaire Summer School is a great way to educate kids and their parents about the importance of eating fresh.”

Frigidaire has unveiled their partnership with Gowalla, a social media guide for people on the go, allowing members to not only ‘check in’, but to share their favourite Farmers’ Market locations, memories, photos and stories. On top of the fun, Frigidaire will be making a $1 donation to Save the Children, for every person that checks in at their local Farmer’s Market!

What a wonderful initiative! I tend to do most of my shopping at our local Farmers’ Markets during the warmer months. You can’t beat ‘fresh from the farm’ and supporting local growers is so very important. I’m looking forward to strawberry season which is due to begin in the next couple of weeks!

Photo Credit: Frigidaire