The Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis Opens ‘National Geographic Treasures Of The Earth’

The largest children’s museum in the world has just opened a brand new $4.3 million, 7,400 square-foot exhibit – National Geographic Treasures of the Earth. This permanent exhibit features three of the most incredible and fascinating archaeological discoveries in the world and will offer visitors the chance to explore the history and arts of anient Egypt and China as well as the general science of archaeology – all in a very fun, hands-on way!

Teams of museum staff members and National Geographic Society experts explored the tomb of ancient Egyptian pharaoh Seti I with famed Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass. It is the longest, deepest and most ornate in the famed Valley of the Kings and in the museum’s new Archaeology Lab, visitors use real science to examine a CT scan of Seti I’s mummy (the only replica of Seti I’s mummy). A sound and light show helps families work together to interpret the tomb’s hieroglyphs, see real artifacts from the time of Seti I, and reassemble a recreation of the pharaoh’s broken sarcophagus lid. One of several authentic artifacts on display is Seti I’s cup made of faience. The cup was probably used as a votive offering in one of Seti I temples.

That’s not all!

Museum staff worked with experts in China to find the best way to tell the story of Zhao Zheng, who became the ruler of the Kingdom of Qin in 237 BC and is known as the First Emperor of China. Visitors to the new exhibit will be flanked by two rows of warrior replicas (generals, archers and infantrymen – each with a unique face). Children and families experience the thrill of discovery as they dig for pieces of the first emperor’s past in a recreated version of one of the most celebrated finds of the 20th century. Other activities encourage the reconstruction of a warrior from re-created pieces and the virtual re-painting of warriors based on scientific clues.

There are several other attractions in this new exhibit that are sure to bring life and adventure to the world of discovery and archaeology for kids.

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