How To Get Your Kids Involved In Your Garden

Growing season is upon us in North America and it has become increasingly popular to grow your own veggies. A simple, and satisfying task. Having your children get involved and help plant, water, and harvest is a great way to not only teach them where their food comes from, but in my own experience, also gets them to eat a few more veggies than they normally would.

This morning I discovered a great line of products by Surf City Growers, called My First Organics. This line features kits for children including soil, seeds, and everything else you need to starting growing veggies and herbs. There are individual kids available, as well as kits for homeschoolers and large classrooms!

Check out Surf City Growers for details, and if you order now and enter the code RealFoodAction upon check out, “20% of your purchase will be put into a campaign fund that gives a My First Organics Classroom Bundle to teachers who want them.”