The Ouch Pouch Allows You To Keep Your Important Items Safe In Style

Last month was Asthma Awareness month, and as a mother of two children who require inhalers, the cause is near and dear to my heart. Though we are a bit late, it doesn’t change the fact that many families deal with this chronic illness year round, along with other families whose children have juvenile diabetes, autism and a plethora of other childhood illness.

Along with remembering your wipes and diapers, many parents have the additional task of remembering to bring medication, diabetes supplies, and inhalers among other things when going on just a short trip to the grocery store. Usually these items are thrown into a bag on your way out the door.

I fell in love with these handmade bags as I believe they serve a great purpose by providing a safe home for your childrens important items. Each bag, made by Etsy seller Ouch Pouch is made of different funky fabrics, and features a transparent side where you can easily locate anything you might need. What a great product!

Visit Ouch Pouch‘s site for a complete list of the different size pouches and for further details.